“Girls Dress up for Girls,” but We Tell You How to Dress up for Better Relationships

Relationships Abroad_Dress up for better relationships_illustration

Relationships Abroad_Dress up for better relationships_illustration2Relationships Abroad_Dress up for better relationships_illustration3

Packaging is one of the most important elements regarding selling a product. It is the same when it come to one’s physical appearance. Research show “what you wear can influence your thinking and negotiating skills and even hormone levels and heart rate.” In fact, the clothes you wear send authoritative signals to peers and strangers. They can help you express yourself better and make your interpersonal skills stand out.

It is not fair to judge a book by its cover, but intuitively, it is easier for beautiful people to start connecting with others. The world we are living in is in favor for beautiful human beings. Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality,” said Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi. It is no guarantee that your outfits will get you an “A” in classes, but indeed, how you present yourself helps you get good impressions and also shows respect for others. 

I have run across with many Chinese international students at USC; a lot of them have already realized the importance of always dressing in comfortable and appropriate outfits that can boost their confidence. Let’s see what they say about appearances and relationships!

  • Your fashion tips.
  • How do you think dressing in comfortable and appropriate outfits make you express yourself better and make your interpersonal skills stand out? Does it also help with your relationships? Give me an example.
  • Your favorite shops in L.A.


Relationships Abroad_Dress up for better relationships_Chloe Zeng_

  • Chloe Zeng   Strategic Public Relations Major

“ The clothes that suit you is the best! And always prepare a black dress, a white T-shirt, and black jeans. Also, the quality and look of my shoes are crucial. I love wearing 2 inches heels because they make my legs look longer and are comfortable walking all day across campus.”

Dressing up makes Chloe feel confident and also makes her stand out from others; feeling confident encourages her to engage in all kinds of relationships. She thinks fashion is magic and can really change a person, it helps him/her to transfer to what he/she want to be seen as.

Her favorite place to shop is Barney’s New York, “because it is a boutique where all the brands and products have been selected by their buyers. And they carry special designers that are exclusive, like Valextra, Delvaux…”

Relationships Abroad_Dress up for better relationships_Mazarine Li

  • Mazarine Li   Strategic Public Relations Major

“Embrace your true self and have a unique style. Let people know who you really are by expressing it through what you wear!”

Dressing up makes Mazarine feel good about herself. And when she feel pretty about herself, she feels more confident integrating with others. “I am very shy, but some outfits make me feel empowered and all the sudden I have the courage to talk and make friends with others. That played a significant role when meeting someone I like.”

Nasty gal is her favorite shop, the clothes they sell make her feel like an American girl!

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