About us – it’s not just about us…

Dora Jiang.jpg
Dora Jiang – ENFJ – “The Protagonist”

Dora enjoys communicating with different people in person. She is good at helping her peers find motivations and connect seemingly disconnected ideas. When she believes in someone, she feels sympathetic toward them. Dora has an immense capacity for self-reflecting on and analyzing her own feelings. She is not afraid to take the slings while standing up for the people and things she has trust in. As your RA with the expertise in schools and work settings, Dora can unite and motivate you to develop your potentials, enhance your leadership skills, and improve your professional etiquettes. Nothing makes her happier than assisting you in leading a brighter future. *Extravert (9%) iNtuitive (16%) Feeling (59%) Judging (25%)*

Stephanie Zang – INFP – “Mediator”

Stephanie has an inner flame and passion about getting to know people and avoiding conflict. She always looks for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. Stephanie is a good listener and works hard to ensure that every voice and perspective is heard. The strength of Stephanie’s visionary communication style makes her well to communicate deeply with others and read into others’ feelings and motivations. As your RA with the expertise in romantic relationships and friendships, Stephanie is willing to lend you a helping hand in reducing conflicts, growing relationships stronger and deeper, and assisting you in the pursuit of the perfect relationships with your important ones. *Introverted (71%) iNtuitive(53%) Feeling (65%) Prospecting (53%)*

Shirley Shi – ESFJ – “The Consul”

Shirley always keeps herself updated on what her friends are up to. She cares about people around her, is often willing to start a casual conversation with strangers, and has what her friends call “contagious happiness” that is easily relatable.Shirley is very sensitive to interpersonal relationships. She is always the one who senses tension or intimacy between people. As a result, she acts accordingly to either ease the tension or increase comfort in the group she is in. As your RA in relationship issues, Shirley is going to listen to your problems and give you tips on how to naturally solve conflicts between friends while still protect your own benefit. *Extraverted (64%) Observant (58%) Feeling (72%) Judging (68%)*

Angela Gan - ENTJ -
Angela Gan – ENTJ – “The Commander”

Angela has a particular skill in recognizing the talents and needs of others, which helps in building team efforts and push people around her to perfect themselves. She believes that one’s time is very limited. So, she always prioritizes herself and her family in front of anything else. As your RA with the expertise in dealing with family relationships and self-image/presentation, Angela can guide you on how to build a healthy, loving relationships with your family while maintaining a successful, busy academic career at USC. *Extraverted (71%) Intuitive (52%) Thinking (38%) Judging (59%)*


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