Deciphering Girls’ Language 101


For all my guy friends out there, let me ask you a question. Have you ever been confused by what your girlfriends say to you? Have you ever had the experience when you think you did ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong, but your girls suddenly got angry at you and gave you a silent treatment?

Girls, we know your pain. Sometimes you say something and expect the boys would grasp your intended/hidden/implied message. And they NEVER do. Do you sometimes even feel that boys are ignoring your feelings intentionally?

Don’t worry. We are here to your rescue. If you are a guy who has had these confusions before, please read on. If you are a girl who is trying to make your man understand you better, keep reading, too. You’ll thank us later.

If you are a GUY……


What does she mean when she says “I am fine”?

She is absolutely NOT fine. Wake up!

Usually, when you ask her if anything is ok, you do it because you already noticed that your girl is not as cheerful as usual, right? Now she says she is ok, then what? If you think to yourself that, “oh yeah she is totally fine, nothing to worry about”, then you will probably piss her off and get a silent treatment.

In a girl’s logic, her boyfriend, who is supposed to love her so much, would naturally understand her feelings without her ever having to say anything.

You think simply asking her if she is ok would show that you care about her? Wrong.

You need to take a step further – keep talking to her to find out more. Ask questions to figure out what is troubling her. For example, “is your roommate waking you up at night again?” “How’s your boss? Still a jerk to you?” If you ask the right questions, she will probably start talking about what’s making her upset. And that means you are SAFE. Perhaps she will even love you more – because in her mind, what you just did is a sign of love and care.

When shopping with your girl……

Please be patient!!!

You know, girls don’t go out shopping because they actually need anything. Every girl has a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Girls simply enjoy trying on all cute outfits. Don’t be scared by the price tags – girls probably end up buying nothing after spending 8 hours in a mall – and they are happy with it.

Your girl will definitely put on something, let’s say a dress, and ask your opinion about it (Trust me, they ALWAYS do. Why do you think she asks you out on a shopping trip anyway?)

What you should do is – making something up. Instead of saying “it’s pretty”, say “I think the color really brings out your eyes”. Don’t say “it looks alright”, say “I think you look gorgeous in both two dresses, but personally I love the previous one”.

Girls don’t actually expect you to give professional advice on fashion (even if you do, they would probably sneer at your terrible taste anyway). So relax. They just want you to be there with them and say nice things about her from time to time. Do not just sit on the couch in front of the fitting room staring at your phone. If you throw just two words at her after she cheerfully comes out of the fitting room, YOU WILL BE IN TROUBLE.

If you are a GIRL…… 


Talk to him in a not-so-typical-girl way…

One rule: don’t expect him to understand what you mean like your girlfriends do! So be direct! I always believe in one principle that girls and guys speak different languages. When you are upset, your BFF will immediately notice it but your boyfriend may not. So don’t make it even harder for these poor guys to struggle with deciphering what you say.

Making it hard for him means you are making your communication harder for both of you. This will eventually jeopardize your relationship. If you are upset or troubled by something, tell him directly, don’t make him guess. Work out a solution together instead of wasting his time guessing and wasting yours on being mad at him.

Try not to drag him to go shopping with you

Seriously, not many of my guy friends really enjoy shopping. Neither does my boyfriend. When a guy goes shopping, it’s usually because he REALLY needs to buy something, or he will go out naked the next day. That’s how urgent it is. They would go to the one mall they like, usually the closest one to his house, try something on, pay for it then go back home. Done.

Besides, they really cannot tell the difference between turquoise and green. So don’t torture them by forcing them to comment on the dresses you just put on. If you really need to go shopping, go with your girlfriends. They have better taste in girls’ fashion than your boyfriend. If you have to go shopping with your man, make sure to go to the men’s section and pick something nice for him to try on too. Don’t make the shopping trip JUST ABOUT YOU. So don’t leave him out completely.


2 thoughts on “Deciphering Girls’ Language 101

  1. Julia

    I sometimes feel that the opposites apply here too. My boyfriend is usually pretty walled-up about his emotions, but he’s still feeling them. When I can tell there’s a problem, sometimes I try to coax it out of him, but other times I give him some time and he eventually lets me in.

    On the other hand, I do love shopping (that section still applies)…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thedailycrusadesite

    Reminding ladies not to drag their boyfriends shopping is a great pointer. I’ve heard countless male friends complaining about shopping with their girlfriends and seeing it as a waste of time. The time spent together by couples should be valuable to both people in the relationship. So unless he’s a fashionista, better to meet him before or after shopping. Plus, you want to surprise him with your fabulous new outfits!

    Liked by 1 person

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